Who You Callin’ Fat?

‘Tis the season…MARDI GRAS is upon us!

Despite being “winter”, January & February are two of the busiest months in New Orleans (and most other cities in Louisiana). Mardi Gras, literally translated from French, means “Fat Tuesday” – and for good reason. This occurs every year before the Catholic period of Lent, when one is meant to give up certain “extravagances”…thus, eating all the food, drinking all the (whatever ye drink), carousing until all hours…and putting it all aside contritely for Lent in the hopes it will save your soul (or at least score ye a few “goodness points” for behaving).

Now, in New Orleans, Mardi Gras isn’t just the one day, but two months of revelry, parades and indulging! If ye can’t be here, the next best thing is to follow along as best ye may through the internet – starting with the official website that lists all the parades (and links to many of the individual marching Krewe sites): https://www.mardigrasneworleans.com. There are often live video feeds of the larger parades – or webcams and folks in the parades, who will film it live!

While indulgence is encouraged and everyone want to catch a few trinkets at the parades, we also encourage safety and politeness during any such celebration…there is always plenty of fun to go around for everyone!

It all wraps up Mardi Gras day – Tuesday 5 March, 2019.

Want To Meet A Pyrate (or Three)?

We have been proud supporters/sponsors of NOLA Pyrate Week since it’s humble beginnings ten years ago – and welcome our favourite Pyrates every year to celebrate in our little corner o’ New Orleans!

The idea for NOLA Pyrate Week began just after the Federal Flood (aka hurricanes Katrina & Rita) decimated New Orleans and the city was in the midst of rebuilding. A group of Pyrates came to the city (as they have in New Orleans for hundreds of years) and wanted to see what they could do to help out in any way. They spoke to those of us who live & work here, took direction and volunteered for many efforts – bringing other Pyrates and their mates from across the continent & the seas to assist.

Friday night (30 March, 2018) at 9pm, join us at Pirates Alley Café as we celebrate a decade o’ NOLA Pyrate Week, and salute Pyrates & Privateers, past & present, with drinks, light snacks and camaraderie – ye never know who might sail in from across the 7 seas! If ye want to meet some Pyrates, this is the place to be!

300 Years…Still Here!

2018 marks the 300th Anniversary o’ the City o’ New Orleans!

NOLA 300We are proud to continue sharing the history o’ this wonderful city that grew up, thrived and survived through so much – from hurricanes to Colonial battles, fever to federal floods; New Orleans has survived it all.

Our little corner o’ the city has changed a little in 300 years, but we like to think it has maintained the spirit o’ that history…ye still hear it echo if ye sit quietly and listen. Ye never know, the spirits o’ those long past may join ye for a drink!

Be sure to visit us on any trip to Louisiana, but especially in 2018 for the 300 year celebrations…and remember our mates at NOLA Pyrate Week as they celebrate their 10th annual gathering o’ “Benevolent Pyrates”, Mar. 30 – Apr. 8.

9th Annual NOLA Pyrate Week

Join the Pyrates Friday 24 March 2017 for the official launch party of the 9th annual NOLA Pyrate Week! The “week” runs 24 March to 2 April for 2017.

Pyrates from many Ports gather here each year the last weekend in March through the first weekend in April to discover the history & culture of New Orleans (and Louisiana), while also lending a hand to community groups & charitable organizations.

Friday night is the annual party sponsored by Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House and is always a jolly good time! Light snacks, fine beverages, good company and occasional treasure mix with history, laughter and the occasional tall tale.

It’s the one night each year you’re guaranteed to meet some real Pyrates!

Pirates Alley Café now OFFICIALLY a BAR!

PIRATES ALLEY CAFÉ WILL REMAIN OPEN – Thanks to our friends and customers, media attention and an outpouring of community support, the Dept. of Permits and Safety has reviewed our petition for a Bar License. After further investigation and consideration of new evidence, we have been approved and will continue to operate in the same manner which we always have. The BZA meeting scheduled for June 13th will not take place so please do not go to City Hall on that date. Once again we would like to thank all those who took the time to write in and give their support! Tony Seville & Thais Solano Thais Solano & Tony Seville, Proprietors

NOLA Pyrate Week 2016

2016-Poster-allThe Pyrates are gathering for their annual adventures – this is their lucky 8th year!

Grab your doubloons and join us in Pirates Alley on Friday 25 March, 9pm to meet the crew, enjoy some light snacks and avail yourself of a fine beverage!

Meet Capt. John Swallow, QM Seika Hellbound and the Crew of NOLA Pyrate Week – discover all the adventures ahead: history, culture, food & drink – and of course, giving back to the community with a little volunteering. New Orleans, Algiers, Houma, Jean Lafitte and Mamou all factor into the fun this year.