300 Years…Still Here!

2018 marks the 300th Anniversary o’ the City o’ New Orleans!

NOLA 300We are proud to continue sharing the history o’ this wonderful city that grew up, thrived and survived through so much – from hurricanes to Colonial battles, fever to federal floods; New Orleans has survived it all.

Our little corner o’ the city has changed a little in 300 years, but we like to think it has maintained the spirit o’ that history…ye still hear it echo if ye sit quietly and listen. Ye never know, the spirits o’ those long past may join ye for a drink!

Be sure to visit us on any trip to Louisiana, but especially in 2018 for the 300 year celebrations…and remember our mates at NOLA Pyrate Week as they celebrate their 10th annual gathering o’ “Benevolent Pyrates”, Mar. 30 – Apr. 8.

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