There are more ‘spirits’ in this alley, than what’s in your glass!

Pirates Alley Café & Olde Absinthe House is located in New Orleans world-famous & historic Pirates Alley – only a few feet from St. Louis Cathedral (the oldest active church in the country) and the Cabildo, former center of government where the Louisiana Purchase was signed. Don’t let the name fool ye, we serve a fine selection of Rum, Absinthe and other libations!

Located in the heart of the Vieux Carré (aka The French Quarter), New Orleans, our establishment was conceived in remembrance of those Pirates from around the globe who walked these very streets. They brought not only their plundered goods for trade, but also a rich diversity of culture and custom which transformed this port city into one of the most unique spots on the planet.

We celebrate & cater (including our famous Rum Cake): Birthday Parties, Pyrate Weddings, Regular Weddings, Book Signings, Poetry Readings, Rum Sipping, Wine Tastings, Private Parties, “Talk like a Pirate Day”, Fashion Shows, Social Network Meetings…or anything else ye can think of! We are also the official meeting place for the annual NOLA Pyrate Week gathering every spring!

Stop by and visit, ye never know who ye might meet!

Proprietors: Thais 'La Reina del Callejón' Solano & Tony 'Cadillac' Seville
Thais ‘La Reina del Callejón‘ Solano
Tony ‘Cadillac‘ Seville