Want To Meet A Pyrate (or Three)?

We have been proud supporters/sponsors of NOLA Pyrate Week since it’s humble beginnings ten years ago – and welcome our favourite Pyrates every year to celebrate in our little corner o’ New Orleans!

The idea for NOLA Pyrate Week began just after the Federal Flood (aka hurricanes Katrina & Rita) decimated New Orleans and the city was in the midst of rebuilding. A group of Pyrates came to the city (as they have in New Orleans for hundreds of years) and wanted to see what they could do to help out in any way. They spoke to those of us who live & work here, took direction and volunteered for many efforts – bringing other Pyrates and their mates from across the continent & the seas to assist.

Friday night (30 March, 2018) at 9pm, join us at Pirates Alley Café as we celebrate a decade o’ NOLA Pyrate Week, and salute Pyrates & Privateers, past & present, with drinks, light snacks and camaraderie – ye never know who might sail in from across the 7 seas! If ye want to meet some Pyrates, this is the place to be!

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